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For the Bereaved

Our ceremonies are short, focused rituals designed for small groups, maybe 8 to 10 people maximum. They can be performed with or without the presence of clergy, lay or ordained, and we hope they’re meaningful both to the religious and non-religious alike. They are released using a CC-BY-NC-SA license, which means you can adapt and share our work as long as you attribute us and use it for non-commercial purposes and let others do so as well.

Breathing Together

a vase holding baby's breath flowers on a rustic, wooden stool

Photo credit: Hudson Crafted (

This short ceremony brings people together using breath, embodiment, and visualization techniques. There are two short poems that offer insights on breathing and interconnectedness.

Memory’s Fire

a lit taper candle photographed in a dark room

Photo credit: Andreas Lischka (

Fire transforms and consumes.  The heat and light of a candle become a beacon for those who have suffered a loss and a focal point for remembering them during this ceremony.

Salt & Water

a small vial of water and another of blue tinted salt in front of a collection of small, white wildflowers

Photo Credit: Marina Pershina (

With salt and water we take a few moments to remember a person that we have lost.  But, even as salt dissolved in water remains, we are reminded that our memories and our experiences with them remain as well.

Spirit Rock

a collection of small stones of various colors

Photo credit: Sara (

This ceremony invites participants to explore memories of their loved one, symbolized by placing into a jar rocks that can be combined at a later time. A short poems offers insights on the gifts that can be found in darkness.